Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reflections on the 23 Things Experience

Here I am in August, summarising what I've done (that's a short one!) and what I've learnt (that's quite a bit bigger), and what I'm feeling about the experience (bigger again...)

How have you managed to complete the tasks, and what were some of the challenges you faced?
 I have been hopeless at doing the tasks, and did very few, although I read what I should do! Just a time thing I guess.

How have you enjoyed (or not enjoyed) the ‘sharing’ experience?
 Oh yes, this has been good. Very good. Excellent...  The strong feeling I had of support, and not asking a silly question was really valuable

Is there someone you have met or learned about through this learning experience that you feel will continue to follow, or who has inspired you?
No, you've all been great, writers and participants all.

Did you learn something completely new? 
Nothing was completely new, but almost every tool has features and functionality that I'd never known about , or hadn't used, or hadn't tried to set up myself. I'm still learning but at least I know where or how to start! 

What concept or idea has been introduced to you that was a surprise?

What is one thing you have learned that you will utilise into the future, and why?
I've become a tweeter! ie I can do it now (though still in a fairly basic way) without having to think about it. I have the confidence to tweet in meetings that aren't full of other 23 things participants... Thank you thank you.

Which was your favourite blog post, and why? 
Ummm, do have to nominate one? I just loved the relatively informal nature of almost all of the posts, and the almost confidential - written-just-for-me nature of a couple of them.
But if I have to nominate only a couple, then:
 Ron's post on LinkedIn was full of ah-hah moments for me.
Bec's post on Video was the one that will be most useful for me, once I start doing what she told me to do re embedding; and
since I've already nominated Twitter as my user-takeaway, then Carmel's post on Twitter must have had the most impact!!!
Would I recommend this to others?
You bet! Even if you don't have time, or don't think you do, it's worth it! Thanks so much to Tegan for her initial drive, to Carmel for backing that up with her organisational abilities, to Ken for great continuing support, and finally, to ALL the post authors for your time, your commitment, your imagination and creativity in writing. Wow!

Now to go  back and actually DO more of the tasks.....
Alison :-)

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